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Scott Hull: Audiofilm and Requiem apt soundtracks to Winter

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“Audiofilm I” is the logical successor to “Requiem”, Hull’s full-length debut under his own name on Relapse Records. For that album, originally intended as the soundtrack to a movie which would never be finished, Scott Hull even took the time to explain his motives and ideas to his fan base in order to avoid confusion: “I did not write this music intending it to really be my big ‘solo album’. I worked on this quite a long time, the majority of 2006 in fact. The director became unreachable, and soon I learned that he had abandoned this score altogether. So it sat around until some of the folks at Relapse asked me to put together a demonstration disc of the soundtrack and sound design work I had done. I began to piece this music together and, low and behold, it seemed to take shape as it's own entity”, Hull explained with regards to the slow evolutionary process of “Requiem”, “But I'm not a big soundtrack guy, and Relapse obviously isn't the kind of label that would put out music that included Orchestra, smokey Neil Young influenced Hammond B-3 old country tunes. Tangerine Dream like synth tracks. So we decided to give this music another context to present it in. This wouldn't really have been my FIRST choice as a solo artist to release, because it was music written for a specific purpose, so I don't REALLY consider this a solo record. But I hope some of you out there can get into it.”

The results were indeed anything but formulaic. Tracks like “Vista Allospedale” presented Hull as a man who had obviously done his share of Krautrock studies and who appreciated the subtle grace of the Berlin School of Electronic’s pussyfooting Sequencer lines – not necessarily something you’d expect from the Lead Guitarist behind some of the Metal scenes more extreme formations (Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed).

The music on “Audiofilm”, however, is anything but a mere rehash of “Requiem”. Leaning even more towards the oppressive and sinister and clearly written in a Dark Ambient vein, Hull is leaving his cinematic ambitions behind on this occasion to enter into a zone filled with asthmatic breaths, clattering metal and doomed moodwork – intended more as an apt accompaniment than an antidote to the impending gloom of the Winter season on the Northern Hemisphere.

Homepage: Scott Hull at MySpace
Homepage: Crucial Blast Records

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