www.tokafi.comhttp://example.com/feed/latest/Your link to music scenes worldwideen-usFri, 02 Dec 2016 19:17:18 -0000Interview with Dirk Serries - Microphonics & 3 Seconds of Airhttp://example.com/15questions/interview-dirk-serries-microphonics-3-seconds-air/Tilburg, 24th of January of this year. The Use of Ashes have just completed a highly anticipated gig in front of a small but intently listening audience at the "Vinyl Celebration Day". Now, I'm sitting in one of the artist shelters in the basement of the formidable 013 club with Dirk Serries and his friend and musical collaborator Paul van den Berg. The duo have come a long way together. Van den Berg recounts the times when they would record the fuzz-drunk second Fear Falls Burning full-length "The Amplifier Drone" in their rehearsal-shed in the countryside together, the heavy frequencies of their overlapping sound-sheets making the cows outside look up in confusion. With Martina Verhoeven on Bass, they also form minimalistic drone trio 3 Seconds of Air, whose majestic and cathedral improvisations are taking the ambient minimalism of the early vidnaObmana works to a new level. Today, we've all traveled from afar to discuss the subtle and more obvious differences between Serries' many different projects. Planned as an interview for the most recent edition of the tonefloat magazine, time literally flies by in the blink of an eye. When van den Berg joins the discussion, the conversation gains new momentum, with both protagonists freely admitting to their failures from the past and the long road to realising the 3 Seconds of Air debut "The Flight of Song". When I am kindly reminded that there's another interview to conduct (which will see Simon van Vliet reminiscing about Krautrock and violent street protests), one and a half hours have passed and we've had far too much black coffee. A couple of months and a European tour later, it's finally time to publish the interview for tokafi, but both Dirk and I feel the theme of microphonics can still be expanded. We engage in a new round of questions, this time by email and the answers are later blended with the trancript of the Tilburg-talk. The result is an intense read, a deep trip through the mind of a man who has never stood still for the past thirty years and who has finally found a space of comfort with his new project. The journey will go on, but for now, microphonics is exactly where Serries wants to be.http://example.com/15questions/interview-dirk-serries-microphonics-3-seconds-air/Hit the Keys, Jack!http://example.com/news/hitthekeysjack/Maxence Cyrin takes Techno to the Temple of fine artshttp://example.com/news/hitthekeysjack/CD Feature/ Nadja & Fear Falls Burning: "We have departed the circle blissfully"http://example.com/news/cd-feature-nadja-fear-falls-burning-we-have-departed-the-circle-blissfully/Heavy stuff indeed. http://example.com/news/cd-feature-nadja-fear-falls-burning-we-have-departed-the-circle-blissfully/Review/ Hackneyed: "Burn after Reaping"http://example.com/news/review-hackneyed-burn-after-reaping/Killing riffs and refrains: A new breath to extreme-metal.http://example.com/news/review-hackneyed-burn-after-reaping/Review Polina Leshenkohttp://example.com/news/reviewagerich/http://example.com/news/reviewagerich/Vital Weekly 610http://example.com/news/vital-weekly-610/Frans de Waard presents the experimental releases of the week.http://example.com/news/vital-weekly-610/Concert Review/ Nurse with Wound & Asmus Tietchenshttp://example.com/news/concert-review-nurse-wound-asmus-tietchens/Live at Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany, May 3rd 2010.http://example.com/news/concert-review-nurse-wound-asmus-tietchens/15 Questions to Morton Subotnickhttp://example.com/15questions/15-questions-to-morton-subotnick/Morton Subotnick, to make it short, is an icon of electronic music. Subotnick's "Silver Apples of the Moon" was commissioned by Nonesuch Records in 1967 and represented the first electronic work written with a specific record release in mind. Back then, Subotnick was one of the protagonists of the Buchla Modular Synthesizer and his use of the instrument was a deciding break in the tradition of focussing primarily on tape manipulations - epecially after "Silver Apples of the Moon" turned out be a huge critical and commercial success. Morton Subotnick's pieces weren't easy to perform - his work for "ghost boxes", which went on to become characteristic for his style in the late 70s and early 80s, required absolute adherence to strict timing from the artists - but they offered great rewards to all listeners and not just to the academic faction. Subotnick integrated rhythm and recognisable patterns into his music and still, today considers it a false, "sometimes VERY fals" notion that music should require education. In turn, he has made it his mission to make educational information available to anyone seeking it through his "Creating Music" project aimed at children. The combination of electronic and unamplified sources (i.e. "natural" or "acoustic" instruments) which seems so "modern" to us, has been an integral part of his oeuvre right from the start, as has the inclusion of other media, such as dance or sky shows in Planetaria. And by embracing computer- and robot-technology, his pieces have always remained contemporary in the true meaning of the word. Quite clearly, Subotnick proves to be as active and adventurous as ever: In contrast with other "icons", Morton Subotnick hasn't rested on his laurels, but keeps earning new ones each day.http://example.com/15questions/15-questions-to-morton-subotnick/15 Questions to Alina Ibragimovahttp://example.com/15questions/15-questions-to-alina-ibragimova/August and September are going to be two hard months, if you really don't want to read or find out about Alina. Next to answering our Interview questions, she will also be featured on the cover of our friends at "Muso Magazine", appearing in a special supplement of the "Strad" as well as contributing the cover CD to the latest issue of the "BBC Music Magazine", which will will focus on Bach and include a live rendition of the composer's Chaconne (the definite showcase and ultimate test for every violinist). The latter comes as part of Alina Ibragimova's inclusion into the English broadcaster's list of "New Generation Artists", both an honour and a further push for her career. By now, she seems perfectly at home in the UK, a country she moved to at the age of 11, when her father, who was a succesful instrumentalist himself, left his native Russia in 1996 to take on a position at the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO). For Alina, things have only gone up from there. Only a year later, she was studying at the Yehudi Menuhin School, performing live with tokafi favourite Nicola Benedetti and secured one of the sought-after scholarships of the school in 2002 - the first sign that her talents as a solist were receing wide-spread attention. it would be unnecesarily cumbersome summing up all of the orchestras and ensembles she has worked with since then, but let's put it like this: They have included some of the biggest names of the Classical scene and so has her first CD on Hyperion records, a co-operation with the Britten Sinfonia. The current wave of media enthusiasm is therefore probably only the beginning. And with critics and audiences alike agreeing about her natural charm, command and musical wit, why would anyone not want to read or find out about her anyway?http://example.com/15questions/15-questions-to-alina-ibragimova/Perfect: „French Connection“http://example.com/news/perfect-french-connection/Wild-eyed chicken-rattle craziness: Tongue-in-cheek anything-goes similarities to early Jay-Z.http://example.com/news/perfect-french-connection/Against all oddshttp://example.com/news/againstallodds/A new and free Classical Magazinehttp://example.com/news/againstallodds/Vital Weekly 691http://example.com/news/vital-weekly-691/Frans de Waard presents the experimental releases of the week.http://example.com/news/vital-weekly-691/CD Feature/ Donald Bousted: "A Journey among Travellers"http://example.com/news/cd-feature-donald-bousted-journey-among-travellers/Pleasantly unforseable serpentines: An imaginatively conceived, creatively arranged and passionately realised work for two recorders.http://example.com/news/cd-feature-donald-bousted-journey-among-travellers/The Oracle Hysterical: Stravinsky's Hip Hop Operahttp://example.com/news/oracle-hysterical-stravinskys-hip-hop-opera/In a recent interview with Sound Designer Mark Grey, he had a bemusing anecdote to share with us: "You must always remember that there are serious anti-sound patrons in the classical music world, who are never satisfied. I remember back in 2002, a Proms at Royal Albert Hall, a pair of "Promers" leaning on my console watched me the entire show while I was mixing. They shrugged and made huff-and-puff sounds every time I looked their way." His conclusions were twofold: "You have to be rock solid in your confidence and your musical ability". And: Opera and "Popular" music are no obvious companions. As it turns out, this seeming paradox was exactly what prompted Bassoonist Brad Balliett and his congenial creative colleague Elliot Cole (alliterations intended) aka The Oracle Hysterical to beam Stravinsky's "The Rake's Progress" straight into a world of stuttering beats,convoluted atmospheres and twisted verses. Proficiently cut-up orchestral samples from their own repertoire are melded into a powerful new alloyheralding a future in which traditional divisions and definitions no longer have a meaning. In fact, the mix has turned out so utterly coherent and organic that this brave new world of music already seems upon us. "Is nothing sacred anymore?" a friend of mine asked semi-seriously upon hearing about this release. Thankfully, it doesn't seem as though there is, indeed.http://example.com/news/oracle-hysterical-stravinskys-hip-hop-opera/CD Feature/ Jodi Cave: "For Myria"http://example.com/news/cd-feature-jodi-cave-myria/Promising timelessness: A shower of summer rain gently pelting down on the ears of the listener.http://example.com/news/cd-feature-jodi-cave-myria/