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The Team

Tobias Fischer
Tobias is editor-in-chief of tokafi, publisher of 15 Questions and a cultural editor for Germany's biggest Printmag on Recording, „Beat“. His main area of interests are the intersections between sound art, classical music and contemporary composition. He has made it his mission to uncover the international aspects of these genres and how their interpretation through the lense of different cultures is shaping a new musical language and community.

Tobias regularly writes for New-Zealand based arts magazine “White Fungus” and has contributed to Online- and Print-Publications such as All About Jazz,, Earlabs, Headphone Commute,, Fluid Radio, The Field Reporter, Vague Terrain, Magnetic Mag, Oro Molido, and MacLife. He is also head of the einzeleinheit and ex ovo labels (the latter in unison with Mirko Uhlig) and the man behind the Feu Follet project. Tobias currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Contact Tobias for any editorial questions:

Dirk Fischer
Dirk is a recording producer. As a founding member of tokafi, he has worked on questions of concept and organisation from day one and mixes and masters the tokafi radioshow.

Starting out as a tape editor and freelance engineer, he has worked for artists such as Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Alfred Brendel, Seiji Ozawa, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson. From 2005 – ’07 he was appointed senior engineer of the recording department of international music publisher De Haske Publications, where he worked closely with contemporary composers and numerous accomplished soloists. Since then, he has spent two years in South East Asia, working on a variety of projects in Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing.

Contact Dirk for any questions & suggestions regarding the tokafi radioshow:

Michael Martinides

Michael is an engineer, homecare consultant and IT specialist. His interest goes out to creating user interfaces, which will create unique and new perceptions of the arts. Through his involvment with tokafi, he was one of the early users of the django content management system. As a musician, he founded the GOS project with Dirk Fischer, releasing two albums of contemporary electronic music. Michael currently works with Linde Homecare in Munich, Germany.

Contact Michael for Website and IT-related questions:

Ralph Grundmann

Ralph Grundmann is an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and marketing manager for tokafi.

After initially meeting as colleagues at a marketing agency, Tobias and Ralph began collaborating on various projects. One of Ralph's early projects included a website which would later turn into one of Germany's biggest music portals for Metal and Gothic culture. After living in Chester, London, Munich and Hamburg for a few years, Ralph finally settled down in Bonn and founded SEO and Online Marketing agency Rheinwunder.

Fred M. Wheeler

Fred is a journalist, musician and customer consultant. After a journalistic training (spending part of his time at the famous Aschendorff Verlag) and several years as a writer for big newspapers, he moved his career into international territory. A lengthy stint in Amsterdam followed, as well as a stay in the United States. After braving several hurricanes, it was time to return to his old hometown and take up the profession that fulfills him most: Writing and being involved in publishing. Fred lives in Münster, Germany.


Guillaume Dulhoste
Guillaume is a Quality Manager and Metal editor for tokafi.

Guillaume has been involved in underground Metal journalism for the past ten years. He has written for a variety of publications, including O2 (former AH) as well as Leprozy (Print). In his function as an editor and radio moderator for, he assisted bands in finding distribution deals, never hiding his preference for the more extreme edges of the genre. In early 2009, he joined the ranks of Metal-fourpiece "Memories of Agony", currently preparing for their debut release. Guillaume currently lives in Münster, Germany and heads the tokafi column "Metal Visions International".

Contact Guillaume for Questions about the "Metal Visions International" column:


Patrick P.L. Lam
Patrick holds the A.R.C.T. diplomas for Performers and Teachers from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Patrick has a keen interest in the fields of Diabetes and Gastroenterology, in which he is determined to complete a clinician-scientist track in Medicine to merge his academic interests from the bench to bedside. Patrick is the recipient of research awards, including those from the American Diabetes Association, American Gastroenterology Association, Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Hong Kong Medical Association. He has made important scientific contributions in his field with the help of his PhD mentor, Prof. Herbert Y. Gaisano, with scientific publications made available on PubMed.

Besides working on the lab bench, Patrick enjoys his pastimes with family and friends, particularly with the elderly and young kids. He enjoys a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, while Classical Music has remained a #1 passion of his for many years. He has been a freelance music critic and writer for both local and international publications, where his articles have been quoted by colleagues and institutions, such as the HKPO and Opus 3. Patrick is also the contributing founder of the Toronto Mahler Society and the Gustav Mahler Society of Hong Kong, respectively.

For all further inquiries, especially regarding classical reviews & concerts, please contact Patrick at


Ansgar Eilting
Ansgar is a free-lance designer and has, among other things, worked on an advertising plot to get people back into classical music halls. He designed the tokafi logo, as well as the signature of its predecessor, “mouvement nouveau”. Ansgar currently lives in Münster, Germany. Visit his homepage at