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Interview with Faures

Intercontinental ambient supergroup Faures about originality, technology and influences.

Interview with Darren McClure

It's the unplanned, surprising sounds that are most inspiring to Darren McClure.

Interview with Marco Oppedisano-2

Location is important – so Marco Oppedisano always keeps a sketchbook at hand.

Interview with Ish S

There is no music theory for Indian sound artist Ish S. There is only sound and ears to hear it.

Interview with Max Cooper 2

Max Cooper is taking small steps in parameter space – and giant leaps for music.

Interview with Agoria

Originality strikes the balance between madness and method for Agoria.

Interview with Brooklyn Rider

Sharing the same ideals feels like a bolt of energy to string quartet Brooklyn Rider.

Interview with Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman doesn't believe that everything has been said in music.

Interview with Chris Whitehead

Making music can be similar to making clothes to Chris Whitehead.

Interview with Mats Gustafsson

Music is research that never stops to saxophonist Mats Gustafsson.

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