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Gaffer: Label Profile

Gaffer Records is a breath of fresh air for the worlds of experimental improv and free jazz.

Interview with Cristian Vogel

Remaining open to shifts of beliefs and being is vital for Cristian Vogel.

Interview with Adam X

History opens up the gates for the future according to techno pioneer Adam X.

Interview with Erik Truffaz

Poetry is the ideal point of departure for trumpetist Erik Truffaz

Interview with Rent Romus

There is never a day without inspiration for saxophonist Rent Romus.

Interview with Richard Sanderson

Visions of working footpedals and the importance of long walks.

Interview with Izhar Elias 2

Classical guitarist Izhar Elias likes to make unthinkable music happen.

Interview with Faures

Intercontinental ambient supergroup Faures about originality, technology and influences.

Interview with Darren McClure

It's the unplanned, surprising sounds that are most inspiring to Darren McClure.

Interview with Marco Oppedisano-2

Location is important – so Marco Oppedisano always keeps a sketchbook at hand.

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