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Interview with France Jobin

France Jobin is not trying to understand the world - but her own place, in it.

Interview with the Seattle Phonographers ...

About improvising with field recordings and transcending the mundane with sound.

Interview with Richard Garet

Exploring anti-methods in the cracks between the visual and the acoustic.

Interview with Ben Carey

The Sydney-based saxophonist and composer is looking for interactive relationships with computers.

Interview with Cory Allen

Working with layers of vibration and presence, Cory Allen is replicating the structure of the cosmos.

12k: Label Profile

Taylor Deupree's 12k wants to be a family for its affiliated sound artists.

A grammar of space

How to listen to and learn from acoustic spaces.

Magnetic Psychology

The deep electronic soundscapes of Martijn Comes are guided by instinct.

Christine Southworth: String Quartets

Merging ensembles with electronics, Christine Southworth is controlling a 21st century overload of data streams.

Contemplating The End

Maile Colbert's opera Come Kingdom Come is an inquiry into apocalyptic philosophy.

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