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Unclear and elegant

img  Tobias

Nick Grey has quickly recovered from the positive media feedback to his album "Regal Daylight". Instead of going for a Pina Colada-holiday, he has decided to fill the summer-emptiness with some great music. Et voila: "Unclear Perspectives" was born, a project with extremely clear perspectives. Each volume consists of a beautifully lay-outed CD and will focus on one specific instrument, its own musical parameters and its own team of musicians. Which means that each release will look and sound totally fresh, unique - and, of course, elegant.
"Les Eaux Territoriales" will kick off proceedings on August 10th, diving deep into the world of guitar music and featuring Nicholas Davis alongside Nick Grey himself. Influences are said to range from the slow-motion sadness of Low to the delicate defeatism of Piano Magic. You can find more information on future collaborators on Nicks homepage, but we are especially looking forward to his musical handshake with his father, operatic singer Vasile Moldoveanu. Now we can wait for some more nice reviews to trickle in.

Homepage: Nick Grey

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