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News Bits: Pegoraro, Scheidegger, Grey

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Two pianists at very different points of their career as well as an artist at the border of about every genre you could think of are releasing new albums for your ears to enjoy. Here's the stories in a little more depth in our little round of news:

Cristiana Pegoraro has been featured regularly on these pages and rightly so: She's one of a new generation of Classical artists who have taken things into their own hands and opened themselves up to the business aspect of things (distributing her CDs by herself and offering management services to other artists) and to different styles and genres - on her albums, Classical piano compositions stand alongside Latin pieces and her very own music. After a long and succesful live tour exploring the theme of "dance", she has now entered into a musical discussion of the term "peace" as a reaction to the unruly times surrounding us. On October 30th of last year, Cristiana was awarded the "World Peace Award" after her concert in the Lincoln Center and the program of that memorable night has now been put to disc: "Music for Peace" features Beethoven and Liszt, Astor Piazzolla (in new arangements), two Pegoraro-originals (including crowd-pleaser "Colors of Love") as well as a selection of Chick Corea's "Children's Songs". If this eclectic repertoire can remain standing without falling apart, peace should truly be possible. The album is available now on Cristiana Pegoraro's personal website.

Homepage: Cristiana Pegoraro

Pianist Salome Scheidegger has surprised us many times before: Her debut CD was an excellent combination of live- and studio recordings, she performed with Rock band elfish in a night of musical extremes and now she is offering her second self-distributed album in a mere two years time. While she holds some real surprises in her repertoire (composer Th. Wegmann and J. Tamas, for example), this time she returned to a slightly more standard program, with big boys Chopin, Grieg, Mozart, Schubert and Schuhmann on the menu. The collection was recorded at "La Bottega del Pianoforte", not a regular studio in the tradtional sense of the word, but rather the number one "piano house" in Switzerland - with a renowned repair shop and an exclusive distribution deal for Steinway and Bösendorfer. Date of release will be early 2006, so keep your eyes open!

Homepage: Salome Scheidegger
Homepage: La Bottega del Pianoforte

And finally, our favourite Grey(pun intended)-zone walker is back with a bang: Nick Grey, who made 2005 so much more enjoyable with a full-length on Stateart and a first EP on his own "milk and moon" imprint has moved to Canada and is preparing for a couple of releases. "Thieves among thorns" is coming up on Hand/Eye and is said to feature a quieter, sadder and more introspective side of his work. As Nick puts it: ""Thieves among thorns was recorded after I dreamed of commiting suicide with a Bible in a Geneva first-class hotel. As a result, it is all about forlorn piano lullabies, insecure percussions and torpid classical arrangements, eerie ballads and numbing rythms, terminological inexactitudes and sleepy hyperboles." Sounds like a lot of fun. These ten tracks will feature Nick’s laptop, disturbed and broken vocals, pianist Jasmine Pinkerton and Nicholas Davis' guitar. Two MP3s on Nick's page should give you an excellent first impression (especially the ghostly funeral march "Tammuz" is worth checking out!). On top of that, in March, milk and moon will present an uncanny "fost-polkish" collaboration between Grey and Nihiruneko (we don't know who that is either). The message is clear: This spring is doomed to be beautifully depressed.

Homepage: Nick Grey
Homepage: Hand/Eye

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