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Truly Different Voices

img  Tobias

The "voz alta" in San Diego is a place for artists of different styles and with various concepts (if any) to meet and create something from the very moment. It invites creative champions from all over the world and puts them in a fertile environment. If you want a nice metaphor to go with it, we'll refrain from using the cliched saying of giving a voice to the voiceless, but instead opt for saying that it provides with a set of vocal cords to reverberate and some ears which will listen. Even if you're not located in San Diego and if it's highly unlikely that you'll ever get there, we would like to keep you updated on their projects, first of all because you'll get a pile of fascinating names that you might want to check out. And secondly, because it's a project of empowerment and serves a great example of what a group of dedicated people can acchieve with very little financial means.

On May 26th, Bernhard Gal will be appearing at the alta voz, joining forces with Marcos Fernandes, who recently appeared at the so cal sonic festival, which we did a special on. This looks like it might be a rewarding evening for everyone attending: Austrian-born Gal, currently hailing from Berlin, Germany, is a force to be reckoned with in both acoustic and electro-acoustic music. His focus goes out to the combination of different media and art forms, especially architecture, theatre and dance. After his "voz alta"-performance, Gal will continue his trip through the States on to New York, to present his Sound Installation "Hinaus::In den Wald" (Afield::Into the Woods) at the Diapason Gallery. After that, a concert tour of the USA and Canada will follow. Fernandes meanwhile is a first-rank field recording-artist, injecting the scene with his Accretions label and by means of the Trummerflora collective, "dedicated to creative music in Southern California". His own music has appeared on famous Dutch imprint Staalplaat, as well as on Jeff Kaiser's pfMENTUM.

This looks like a most welcome evening and with a fee of 5$, noones going to hurt their purses all that much.

Homepage: Voz alta
Homepage: Bernhard Gal
Homepage: Marcos Fernandes
Homepage: Accretions
Homepage: Trummerflora collective

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