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Mozart Roundup

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2006 is approaching fast and already there are more Mozart-related things happening than a mortal human being can fathom. That's why mouvement nouveau has decided to give you a summary of what's been happening over the last few weeks. To be continued, of course...

The most exciting news for sure comes from the "Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien", who are currently analysing a manuscript titled "Sinfonia del Wolfgang Mozart". It had been sold at a price of 5.000 Euros at an auction commissioned by the Lidl-family. The question: Is it an original Mozart or not? Otta Biba, archival director of the society actually thought there was "quite a few arguments in favour and quite a few against", so, really, noone knows yet. International experts have already traced the origin of the paper to Cologne. Until further evidence comes up, the society is giving things the benefit of the doubt and will be premiering the piece on May third at their own concert hall.

A recent book and DVD by Andrea Eifler researches the cultural conotations of billards. Among other topics, he muses about Mozarts love for the game. The composer apparently had a table in his home and loved the game passionately. The book can be ordered at some special bookstores and the author himself, even though we have to point out that it's really not just about Mozart.

Then there's the news of the completion of Mozarts Missa in c minor. Pianist Robert D. Levin has, under the auspices of the New York Carnegie Hall and the International Bach Academy, realised a new version, which saw its premiere in New York in January and its European debut a few months later. The Levin-Missa now contains twenty more minutes of music and has already been praised by the New York critics. The approval of Old Europe might take a little longer yet...

Aren't you tired yet? To close things off, there's two little stories that go to show that one can approach the festivities differently: The Austrian "Musikverein" will naturally celebrate Mozart by playing plenty of his works. However, one percent of revenues will go into a fund for new commissions, thereby making the past pay for a brighter future. And finally, Austrian Federal State the Steiermark will establish a "Mozart-free zone" in 2006 and stay away from the marketing hype. Which is, however, not to say, Mozart will be banned entirely from its concert halls.

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