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The first Composer Resource Session was a big success. No wonder, as the formula was simple and yet highly stimulating: The jury set a combination of instruments and everyone was invited to contribute a composition. Because the rules required the use of a notation program, not just anybody was able to participate, but at the same time the competition was open enough to allow for amateurs and newcomers. 11 works were ultimately selected for the finale, which was aired live on the internet. Those listening were able to download the score as a pdf-document beforehand, so as to follow the pieces note by note. Later, an Internet-forum enabled lively and heated debate on the works performed.

Because of the positive reactions that ensued, the road was open for a second round. The Autumn Session is centered around the use of "Oboe, Clarinet (in A or Bb), Bassoon, French Horn and 1 percussionist with: Vibraphone, suspended cymbal, side drum, bass drum, tam tam, wood blocks, triangle and tambourine. To be played with various beaters and or a bow". Not all of these actually need to be part of the process (in the previous session, only one piece actually used them all). The guidelines stipulate that even a "work in progress" can be sent in and every single piece will be sent back to contestants with comments by the Philharmonia Players. Your material must be in on September 20th at  the latest. So get your pens and your pencils out and compose!

Homepage: Composer Resource Session at the Philharmonia

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