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Hooray for Harps 1

img  Tobias

Don't tell her that the harp is an underrated instrument or lacking in public appeal - Floraleda Sacchi is busy. Very busy. She's so busy in fact that we're having trouble catching up with her activities. Here's a try, though:

What you've already missed are a ravingly-received Recital with pieces ranging from Saint-Saens to Glass (you can watch a small movie trailer with Floraleda bathing in applause), a Harp Quartet performance of Vivaldi's four seasons (will someone please release that on CD?) and a spectacular live collaboration with Italian Electronic guru Henoel (who will be responsible for the theme song to the 2006 Olympics for the Handicapped). And just a few days ago, she once again threw all of her Classical preconceptions over board and startled the audience with a Program of traditional South American- and Irish music, as well as digging up some Janis Joplin. The good thing is that you're in for a second chance: The Recital will be performed again (even though you'll have to travel as far as the Emirates to listen to it) and there's some other goodies you wouldn't want to miss out on. Until December fifth, Sacchi and her musical partner Claudio Ferrarini will travel the USA's West Coast as well as Canada under their "Amadeus Duo" moniker (don't confuse them with the Guitar duo of the same name). On these nights, they will be presenting pieces dedicated specifically to the duo: A Suite by famous Italian composer and soundtrack sculptor Riccardo Joshua Moretti and three tracks by Paolo Castaldi. Moretti's music will also be featured on Floraleda's upcoming "Golem"-CD, which will be presented on December 13th, while the repertoire for the Amadeus Duo-disc (out on Aulia in late December) will consist of Krumpholtz' Sonatas (Krumpholtz was an 18th Century composer hailing from France and a pretty good  harpist himself). There's also some Masterclasses and lectures in her profession as a... err Professor.

Have you been able to follow all of this? No? Don't worry, you'll be able to keep track of it on Sacchis excellent homepage which comes in both Italian and English. This place could be Harp Heaven - if times weren't so terribly busy.

Homepage: Floraleda Sacchi
Homepage: Henoel
Homepage: Floraleda Sacchi at Aulia
Homepage: Ricardo Joshua Moretti
Homepage: Paolo Castaldi

Picture by Corbetta

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