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Catrin's sale

img  Tobias

Now what could be the reason for showing you a beautiful young woman clad in black in front of a harp? The fact that she is selling her instrument, of course! The mentioned woman is Catrin Finch, former royal harpist to the Prince of Wales (Catrin must be getting tired of people mentioning that) and she has decided that she would like to change over to playing a Salvi Apollo (which has a "huge, mellow sound to match" according to the Harp Connection). According to Finch, there's nothing wrong with her old harp, a Salvi Aurora - according to her, it's "a lovely harp with a lovely sound". If that sounds good to you, start counting your money: Bidding starts at 11.000 British Pound!

In other news, Catrin has been the subject of an award-winning documentary: "Catrin Finch - Charlie's Angel" was shot by Hefin Owen and Gwawr Owen (yes, they're from Wales as well and no, we don't know how to pronounce that) and follows Catrin's career for one year. The movie won the Baftas, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for fim and TV programmes produced in Wales.

And on closing note, Catrin's debut at the Carnegie Hall was a full success with critics bidding for the highest praise. Which we find a remarkable feat for a musician that has the charisma of a star exactly be not trying to be one. So now, we're looking for a new album, which could finally live up to the expectations created by her stage performances.

Homepage: Catrin Finch
Homepage: The Harp Connection

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