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Newsstand's new muse

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Muso Magazine has been around for some time now but we're afraid word hasn't as yet spread across the entire globe. Let's therefore spell it out for you: This is the Classical Music magazine you might have been dreaming of, a fresh and modern publication that presents young artists, writes about issues all those interested in working in the music industry will find tremendously useful (in the current edition: Arts Marketing) and happily mixes upcomig artists with the like of Mozart and Beethoven.

Femke Colborne, who is one of Muso's editors, makes it absolutely clear that she has no intention of brainwashing people to love serious music. Instead, she aims for a world in which all types of music can stand alongside each other and simply be taken for what they are. "We're in it because we love music", she says "listening to it, playing it, watching it - and we don't care about the rest." That's why since Muso's first issue, the likes of Bond and Myleene Klass have taken pole-position alongside Daniel Hope and the Belcea Quartet without looking out of place. The next edition will cover issues such as "Is classical music elitist?", tell you all about becoming a Sound Engineer and keep all fans of Nicola Benedetti happy with a Cover story. At the moment, the magazine is available only in Classical Music Heaven (the UK) and now also in the USA.

Apart from the printed version, there is also a great Website which adds an overview of current competitions, festivals, summer schools and concerts and a truly fantastic collection of useful links.

Homepage: Muso Magazine

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