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Hayl Emily!

img  Tobias

If there is an award for the busiest artist in experimental music land, tis year's trophy would very likely go to Emily Hay. First up, there's a performance at Cryptonight, a series of music organised by Cryptogrammophone Records, a West Coast label specialising in a genre they call "Creative Jazz". On May 26th, Emily will make an appearance with her collective as part of an evening with the Choir Boys (Jeff Kaiser and Andrew Pask).
Just two days later, Emily is set to perform at the Thingamajigs (yes, it's really called that way!), an organisation that aims to nurture new music. Seeing itself in the tradition of John Cage and Harry Partch, Thingamajigs is sponsored by the Pauline Oliveros Foundation and now wants to go bigger, with plans of building up a library and organising regular workshops. In this context, Emily will perform "Bent", which is said to be a partly composed, partly improvides piece "for extended voice, percussion, amplified flutes metal objects processed through electronics and featuring guest artist, trombonist Kurt Heyl".
And as a final live tip (there's lot's more tour dates besides these three..) we would like to recommend the L.A. Sound/Shift, where Hay will be part of a group of fourty musicians, who will be on and off stage in ever changing combinations for a total of six hours. Admission's free, by the way.

Homepage: Emily Hay
Homepage: Cryptonight
Homepage: Thingamajigs
Homepage: Line Space Line (L.A. Sound/Shift)

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