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Double Face, Triple Pleasure

img  Tobias

"A new album by whom?" you might be inclined to ask. Indeed, Francis Rimbert will probably stay in the shadows of the people he has worked with, a fate he shares with some of his friends, such as Michel Geiss and Patrick Pelampurgues. Rimbert loved Classical Music from an early age and started learning the piano. But his studies at the Paris Conservatory were all too disrupted, because he often chose to play "Paint it black" by the Rolling Stones instead of Rachmaninov. People who were into Classical Music, so he learned, "were no fun". After getting a job as a salesman for synthesizers, he met some of the musicians who have by now become legends of the scene, such as Vangelis and of course Jean-Michel Jarre, whom he was worked with for many years.
Apart from assisting the big names in the game, Francis has also been active as a composer for commercials and TV programs and released a huge amount of albums. His latest is called "Double Face" and is a collection of 12 fairly short and atmospheric instrumentals, as often with heavy connotations to his partner in crime Jarre (just compare the chords of "Gaelick" to "Ethnicolor I"). In his own words, "Double Face" is about "liberating dreams, doubts and desires" and about the courage to really open yourself up completely to the outside world. Its title refers to the long time in his life that Rimbert has hidden behind the names of the instruments he was selling or the artists he was supporting. Now, he will be in the spotlight himself. With titles such as "French Kiss", "What is Love" or "Woman's Land", this promises to be an emotional journey indeed.
To accompany the new album, a new website has been installed, packed with informations, articles and little music snippets that reveal quite a lot of his character already.

Homepage: Francis Rimbert

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