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CD Feature/ Dorothee Oberlinger: "Concerti per Flauto"

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It doesn’t happen that often, so we’ll mention it right in the very first paragraph: This CD is worth its money because of the booklet already. After a concise and pleasantly personal introduction by Dorothee Oberlinger herself, Jean Cassignol explains how the Concerto RV 312R was reconstructed from the original manuscripts – his text may be somewhat academic, but will even have less theoretically educated readers searching for breath through its detailed and emotional account.

The music, meanwhile, follows an eclectic and individual path: This is neither the lively document of a dynamic ensemble, nor the dry analysis of what Vivaldi might have sounded like in his own time. Instead, it is a playground for trying different things, for capturing different moods and sounds. The instrumentation changes with each piece, ranging from the brawny, bass-heavy minor-concertos (which use a subtle organ to great effect) to the free and open works in major, which come without any superflous weight. At all times, though, it is a showcase for Dorothee Oberlinger, whose versatile, airy and fluent playing is right at the centre of things, with first and second Violin taking on strong supporting tasks. The rest of the group – called Ornamente 99 and a household name the field of older music themselves – is less audible and tucked away somewhat in the mix. Which means that you”ll have to go elsewhere if you’re intent on hearing a totally transparent and more democratic recording.

If you like the focus on the recorder, however, this is the album for you. There’s not a single weak piece among this collection and an abundance of fresh ideas. There might be less “ups and downs” and not the usual “joie de vivre” one would associate with Vivaldi. But then again, the disc more than makes up for that with its “joie d’experimentation”.

Homepage: Dorothee Oberlinger
Homepage: Marc Aurel / Raumklang Records

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