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Workbench Recordings: Progressive Online Label for Folk & Jazz
New York Guitarist and Composer James Beaudreau has completely rehauled his Workbench label. After two critically acclaimed and lovingly designed CDs, Workbench Recordings has now turned into a progressive online outfit, offering music as free MP3 downloads and high-quality FLACs ...
E. Ryan Goodman: Plain Moody Playing
At least over here, the coldest days of the year may already have passed. And still there are nights when you want to cuddle up on your sofa, light up a candle and put on an album of intimate music ...
CD Feature/ E. Ryan Goodman: "Under the Lamp"; James Beaudreau: "Fresh Twigs"
Bottles of Bourbon & the Taste of Tobacco: Two Guitar albums to make you rethink your 'best of' lists for 2008.
James Beaudreau: Recording Session Revelations
Guitarist James Beaudreau is currently in the final stages of writing and recording the follow-up to his remarkable and widely applauded solo debut „Java Street Bagatelles“. In between the sessions to the as yet untitled work, Beaudreau was kind enough ...
15 Questions to James Beaudreau
Belonging to a tradition can be a burden: It means that you'll always be compared to others, that your music will most likely not be listened to with truly open ears and that you'll be bunched together with a clique ...



us CD Feature/ James Beaudreau: "Java St. Bagatelles"