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E. Ryan Goodman: Plain Moody Playing

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Different recording techniques were, to me, one of the strong points of "Under the Lamp", the way how a piece was produced influenced its mood. Was that a conscious decision on your part or merely the result of the album being recorded over a long period of time?
The result was not a conscious decision at all---I think my playing is just plain moody. Most of the album was recorded on the fly, which to me, after several listens sounds like a collection of thoughts captured over a period of time. A small personal library of sorts.

All of the tracks on the album are improvisations. How did you decide the time was right to record them?
Not all of the tracks are improvisations. Some are composed themes that are repeated. I wish I could record everything just to have it documented, but I don't have room. During 2007 and 2008, I would usually set out specific days to record, usually weekends where I could devote my time to meditation and guitar playing.

With James Beaudreau, Jim Macauley and yourself around, there seems to be something of a miniature scene developing for a unique brand of instrumental Guitar music. Would you say that the work of likeminded colleagues is a direct influence on your own pieces?
Absolutely, both gentlemen you mentioned inspire me to no end. They're astounding musicians. James is a good friend of mine. And Jim's Gongfarmer 18 continues to fill my ears, heart and soul with good things. There is something so immediate and welcoming about their music. As far as scenes developing, I've never thought about it much. I'm influenced by countless musicians who drive me to create my own sound, like a lot of musicians.

You're currently searching for a second Guitarist for your sideproject Aura Stings. What makes it so difficult finding a suitable performer in a city as colossal as New York?
We have decided to put aside the Aura Stings project for the time being. The difficulty of finding the right guitarist became too much. Seems to me more people in New York City are into what's IN more than what's interesting and new. My newest project (Lakefire) is a shoegaze rock effort with my good friend, Robin Fowler, and my wife, Dawn. We're having a blast playing together. Another side project (DEADWOLFBLACK) is developing into an interesting way to work, all of which you can find and listen to on myspace.

Your Aura Stings MySpace site lists Megadeath as one of your friends. Can we therefore expect you to tour with your hardrocking namesake ( soon?
I grew up listening to Mustaine, I still listen to his old albums. But I seriously doubt I will ever shred. Ever!

E. Ryan Goodman's „Under the Lamp“ was published on his „Lone Lamp“ imprint and can be ordered directly with him.

Homepage: E Ryan Goodman
Homepage: E Ryan Goodman at MySpace

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