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With a smile and a tear

img  Tobias

Frankfurt-based Ensemble Modern, a vibrant group of musicians dedicated to New Music, must be unsure whether it is time to cry or to laugh. The sad news is the commemorative concert given in honour of Bass-clarinet- and saxophon player Wolfgang Stryi, a former member of the group. A socially and politically aware composer, Stryi had dedicated the last ten years of his life especially to working with children, engaging them in various projects. On may 19th, the Ensemble Modern will play two pieces, dedicated to their lost friend: Manfred Stahnkes "Void" and Sandeep Bhagwatis "Stele" at the Haus der Deutschen Ensemble Akademie in Frankfurt.
This sad happening almost coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the formation in October of this year. Udo Zimmermann, artistic director of the Dresdner days of contemporary music, has invited the Ensemble Modern to perform the world premiere of "Le tout, le rien" by Jens Joneleit, who wrote the composition especially for the occasion. German broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk will record the work for one of their CD-series, which have up to now proven to be of excellent quality nearly all of the time. This signals, that even though they have lost one of their most active and dedicated instrumentalists and conceptionalists, the ensemble will continue to leave their marks on the scene.

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