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tokafi: Ich bin ein Berliner

img  Tobias Fischer

The new apartment is situated in Neukölln, a district which used to be known for its high rate of criminal activity, but has, over the past two to three years, grown into a bustling center of small bars, galleries and shops. Barely five minutes from the apartment, you'll find one exciting pub after another on the Weichselstrasse, while the commercial hub of the neighbourhood, the posh Neuköllnarcaden, are at roughly the same distance in the other direction. A lot of good personal contacts have already settled here – the office of Ed Bendorf of Dense promotions is withing walking distance and I just discovered that I'm almost neighbours with the owner of a really great label. Apparently, lots of friends and friends' friends are living on the same street. It really feels as though we're part of a family. Do let us know if you're in town to exchange ideas over a cup of coffee or to meet up for one of your gigs.

All packages sent to the old address should still reach us, as we've arranged for them to be forwarded to Berlin. From now on, though, please address all postal communication and promos to the following address:

Tobias Fischer
Sonnenallee 148
12059 Berlin

At the moment, we're still catching up and it will probably be impossible to review any new releases for about a month. So it would probably be best to skip April in terms of promotion, as and start mailing us again in May. Having said that, feel free to contact us with any suggestions you might have!

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