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Return of a minstrel

img  Tobias

Otto von Botenlauben was a wild knight: Born in the 12th Century, he learns the mastery of fighting at a young age and joins the crusade of emperor Heinrich VI. The mission is a failure, but Otto, probably devastated at first, decides not to return and stays in Palestine, changing his life and turning into a poet and a minstrel. When he hears that beautiful Beatrix is the prize at a minstrel competition (awards were definitely better in those days), he quickly travels to Syria and wins. After their marriage, he continues to write, breaking minstrel law by dedicating some of the songs to his beloved wife, and returns to his home twenty years later. There, he founds the monastery Frauenroth, where he and Beatrix are burried.

Life-size casts of their tombs were made and these have now returned to the Musenschlo├č von Wernsdorf near Bamberg, where Otto was raised. This historic castle will serve as the location to tfour evenings of stories and music, with the Capella Antiqua Bambergensis acting as host. The Capella has specialised in playing the more joyful music of medieval times and the renaissance and dedicated valuable time to not only find out which instruments were played (and subsequently build their own according to ancient documents) but also how the music was performed - original practice in perfection, if you like. If this sounds like a good proposition, check your calendar for the following dates: June 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th or move over to the Capella's homepage to find out more.

Homepage: Capella Antiqua Bambergensis
Source: Tempus Vivit
Picture: Frank Boxler

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