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It's hard to keep track of everything that's going on in Oksana Kolesnikova's life. It's a blessing then, that we don't have to. Every month, there's a nice newsletter in our mailbox, informing us about all the developments and coming straight from Oksana's management team. So, here are the latest:

Through most of October, Oksana is touring Southern California in a bid to manifest herself as one of the hardest working pianists around. One of her shows actually takes place at the birthday party of actress Marion Ross, aka Mrs. Cunningham in the famous "Happy Days" TV series. Kolesnikova has been a long-time fan of the sitcom since her not-so-happy-days in her native Russia - which makes this event a dream come true.

October 30th sees her hit the spectacular and breathtaking "Venetian" in Las Vegas, before flying over to good old Europe - as well as Egypt and Turkey - for her next world tour with the US Armed Forces Entertainment. Despite her partner in this, we expect no military marches, but her usual (and highly unusual) program of fiery renditions of Classical compositions and her own pieces, interspersed with all time favorites.

Then there are further news regarding new releases: First off, the George's Music Collection, soon to be distributed through health food outlets that carry George's Aloe Vera products worldwide. This is an excellent way to start your journey into Oksana's magical world (you can order it on her website) - The CD comes in DVD-size packaging and sports for cover an original illustration by Grammy award winning American artist Jim Warren. Talking of Warren, the collaboration between him and Kolesnikova is growing into the next levels. Eight tracks of the upcoming "Best of Both Worlds" album have already been finished. Jim Warren, on the other hand, has completed "Beautiful Sadness" (see picture above), which was inspired by
Oksana's "Reflections".

The idea of the project is for the resulting art works to be more than just the sum of their components. From what we've seen and heard, the duo has fulfilled this goal outstandingly.

There are also exciting developments in the works regarding the April 5th coincidental meeting with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.  And, speaking of Italy, Oksana is soon meeting with Italy's up-and-coming illusionist Erix Logan,, with whom she's planning to create some additional magic by means of her unique musical creations incorporated
into Logan’s mesmerizing shows.

At the rate things are going, there is no telling of what the future holds for this multi-talented artist and performer. For now, we'll have to guess and wait for the next newsletter to come in.

Homepage: Oksana Kolesnikova
Homepage: Jim Warren

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