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Open your window!

img  Tobias

Trying to get rich by playing or releasing field music is like playing roulette to get you out of trouble: It could work, but it never does. So you can be sure that if a new outfit opens its doors, it does so because of its founders' love of the art. Actually, in this specific case, the doors will remain shut, while the windows are drawn wide open. What are we talking about here? Well, we'd like to invite you over to FieldMuzick, a new label for experimental music with a knack for the quiet and soft tones surrounding you (and me). Founded by Marcus Obst, it has set its mind on publishing records by insider favourites such as dronaement (which is actually Obst himself), Sebastian Roux and others. But the highlight of its catalogue is the current compilation "music out of open windows", featuring the infant cycle, deep, fragmist, alio die and some other names who you will never have heard of. The underlying concept is that the beauty of these subtle and superb compositions can be increased by opening your windows while listening to them and by letting the noises of the outside world intermingle with the sounds. So, in fact, you're listening to a new track each time. The idea stems from a quote by Mirko Uhlig, the man behind aalfang mit pferdekopf, one of the leaders of a new generation of sound designers, who is also featured on the sampler and who is responsible for the most recent webcast on fieldmuzick - a radio program that gives you a great insight into some of the finest music of the genre at present. An excellent place to start and a sympathetic one to boot: All tracks can be downloaded to your hard disc for free. As we said, it's all about love.

Homepage: FieldMuzick

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