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Know the Score

img  Tobias

For years, the German market for magazines on classical music has been a one-sided affair. The old and trustworthy institution "Fono Forum" represented the voice of the wise, judging on new releases and warning against the demise of cultural values. It also fought against its own demise, as its print run sank to a mere 20.000 copies. Going for a total overhaul and addressing younger readers or lays was never an option, which paved the way for the release of "Partituren" ("scores").
Instead of aiming for up-to-dateness, the magazine wants to give background information and instead of addressing the freaks and insiders, it specifically writes for those, who are interested in Classical Music and would like to know more about it. Which makes it totally different from, say, the "Classic FM"-approach, which puts artists upfront. And it probably even avoids a clash with "Fono Forum", because their target groups should be entirely different.

The first issue of every publication should give a good indicator of its success and judging from that, "Partituren" might well have a bright future ahead of it. There's a truly informative and well-written article on the history of the Symphony, an ode to a forgotten genius (Norbert Burgmüller, who is also featured on the accompanying CD) and a fascinating feature, in which prominent conductors recommend some of their favourite symphonic recordings to readers. But the best part of this copy is the interview with Adam Fischer, in which Fischer truly opens up and shares thoughts and memories - this text alone justifies buying "Partituren". It's a shame, though, that the reviews-section has ended up being so tiny - small labels and the industry as a whole could profit from a more extended section and a second opinion as a  counterweight to the almighty "Fono Forum". Still, there's no doubt: With the advent of this publication, Classical Music in Germany has already become more sympathetic.

Homepage: Partituren

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