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House of Sound

img  Tobias

Sometimes the world of art can be a lonely one - and a cool one as well. That's why it is so refreshing to see two great artists get together in order to exchange ideas and work on a collaborative installation.

In this case, the co-operation is a transatlantic one to boot and brings together two like-minded souls of two different generations. Paul Panhuysen has been an active part of the Dutch music scene for decades, becoming (at the time) the country's youngest director of an art school, popularising ethnic music and establishing himself as an important composer in his own right. His love for his students and the many infights he has had to endure (motivating him at one point to lay down his position as a teacher in Utrecht) might have delayed his breakthrough as an artist, but his "Long String" Pieces have settled that matter once and for all. With these, Panhuysen established the room as an essential part of a piece, using its characteristics and allowing for sounds and space to become one. Another important aspect of the "Long String"-philosophy is the automation of the process, allowing the composer to be absent from the performance. This latter idea is also present in Steve Roden's projects. We touched upon them in our review of "Transmissions", a truly wonderful CD that delivers the aural part of an installation of his. But really, even though the music works perfectly without the images being present, its full effect can only be gauged by listening and looking at the same time. Now the Serpentine Pavillion in London is proudly presenting a concert on September 23rd, which will use the location both as an instrument and a score. While Panhuysen will string up the Pavillion, causing it to resonate and "play", Roden will use objects found on location for his part of the show.

If there could only be more duos like this one! Don't miss it, unless you can't help it - prices are still moderate at 6-8 Pounds.

Homepage: Steve Roden
Homepage: Interview with Paul Panhuysen
Homepage: Serpentine Gallery

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