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Fully crazy, almost on top

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Charlotte Church's pop career has started impressively: "Crazy Chick", the first single to be taken from her much-awaited new album "Tissues and Issues" has entered the UK charts at number two, the highest new entry this week. Some have called this a disappointment, alluding to the supposedly "Biggest marketing campaign in music history" (a slight exageration), but one thing's for sure: The road is now open for a career outside of Classical Music, a scene she never really felt part of anyway. Still, Church was apparently disappointed with the result, as she insisted, that Elton John and rapper 2PAC had "had enough number one's" (Elton John) and should be "left in peace" (family and relatives have released a staggering eleven albums of 2PAC's music since his death). This comment leaves Charlotte's recent comments in doubt, when she proclaimed not to care for how well the album would do.

In a recent interview, Charlotte Church also spoke openly about her career up to now and some of the motivations that have lead her to "Tissues and Issues". The "angelic" image that had been given to her by the record company was apparently leading some people into confusion, with fans claiming their alzheimer or brain tumor had went because of her singing. The turning point came, when a nun told her she had to become the role model for a complete generation and should stay away from drinking, smoking and... having sex. Having made up her mind about an image change, the problem was finding an adequate new niche, which she felt comfortable with. While it quickly became apparent that she was not the one to compose classical-style pieces, she also defied her label's suggestions to move into world music/New Age a la Enya. The rock/funk/soul approach she finally decided on was proven right when video director Vaughn Arnell complemented her on being "real" during the "Crazy Chick"-shoot.

In some smaller news, Charlotte has decided never to play in a movie again (she called her performance in "I'll be there" dreadful) and has been offered a position as a radio commentator at the BBC's radio 1. Which should be no surprise, as she certainly hasn't lost the gift of gab: When asked recently if she could relate to comparisons of her and boyfriend Gavin with Victoria Williams and David Beckham, she quickly retorted: "I can sing!" before delivering a blow to the soccer star: "Gavin's much better looking than him!"

As she said herself, she's one "crazy chick".

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