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Don't dream!

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Tangerine Dream, the brainchild of Berlin artist Edgar Froese, have never been idle, spending their time on about a studio album a year and numerous sound tracks. Since they took over distribution duties from the record companies, they have been treating their fans to ever more special releases, including remix-CDs and a lot of live recordings in the "Vault"-series. The latter has now reached its fifth volume, as a recording of the complete set of their performance at 1999's "Klangart" will be made available. At the time, most compositions were actually new to the public on went on to become part of the "Mars Polaris"-album, which was hailed as a return to form.
Also, Edgar has, together with Thorsten Quaeschnig, produced the first solo work by Iris Camaa, a percussionist and singer, who has collaborated with Tangerine Dream on many occasions. Entitled "Straight from the shoulder", it is said to contain eight tracks of "harsh and direct language" and was apparently turned down by several record companies because of its uncompromising attitude.
As a final notice from the label business, Edgar has decided to make theĀ  final stocked copies of "Space Flight Orange" available to the public, as this special EP was trading for unbelievable prices on the Internet. The disc contains two tracks from the concert at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in 2005, "The Greek Mirror" and "Jupiter Space Doors" and will cost 11 Euros. After the remaining copies run out, there will be no re-print, so be quick!

If you just read our Interview with Jerome Froese, Edgars son and part of the band since the 90s, and you should want to see him perform his upcoming "Neptunes"-album ("80% guitars" according to Jerome), you will need to go look somewhere else than the "Big Chill"-Festival. This is for the simple reason that this festival has now sold out, which should give Froese a nice chance to present his music to a totally new audience.

Homepage: Tangerine Dream
Homepage: Edgar Froese
Homepage: Jerome Froese
Source: Interview with Jerome Froese

Picture by Jim Rakete

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