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Autumn's Best Kep Secret

img  Tobias

Sometimes you just know you're holding something really special in your hands. That happened to us when we were sent a copy of Fear Falls Burning first CD, "First by a whisper, then by a storm".

One of the most intriguing albums of this year, it presented a total change of direction for Dirk Serries, the man behind Vidna Obmana, a project that has undergone the most radical stylistic reinventions, going from crude Industrial to tribal overtone-meditations in over thirty years. Fear Falls Burning, however, is yet another metamorphosis and sees Serries use a single guitar and amplifiers to present a music that is both improvised and heavily regulated, both electronic and highly human, breathing and pulsating like a living organism. Minimal licks and patterns are repeated to a hypnotic effect, crushing distortion sounds are soothed by tender melodies. Of course, that album was only a glimpse into this fascinating cosmos and finally, the true debut is out now on Ikon/Projekt. A double disc, it should even deepen the experience, and has already been compared to the slow-drifting and yet radical experiments by Sunn o))). Which may be just a little too moderate, for we are of the opinion that Fear Falls Burning manages to add quite a lot of aspects to the genre, that seemed all but forgotten.

To accompany the release, Dirk will go on a tour through Germany and the Benelux and here's where you can catch him:

October 2nd - 2005 : Lagerhaus, Bremen (Germany)
October 11th - 2005 : Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt (Germany)
October 12th - 2005 : AZ Conni, Dresden (Germany)
October 13th - 2005 : Kulturbunker Müllheim, Köln (Germany)
October 15th - 2005 : E-live festival - TU Auditorium, Eindhoven (The
October 19th - 2005 : Eindhoven (The Netherlands) - more info soon!!
October 22nd - 2005 : Catharina chapel - private concert (The Netherlands)
October 29th - 2005 : Theater Luchtbal, Antwerpen (Belgium)

As days get shorter and times get colder, try to get a hold of this disc or go and watch him live on stage - who knows how long Autumn's Best Kept Secret will still be around, until Vidna Obmana reemerges.

Homepage: Fear Falls Burning
Homepage: Projekt

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