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Clap your Webbed Hands

img  Tobias

The world of net labels just keeps on growing. We will devote more time to this in a future series of articles, but for the time being we'll be content with just presenting some of the most interesting outfits out there to you. Webbed Hands is a label operated by the brothers Chris and Dan McDill, producers and musicians themselves, who have made it their mission to make the world a better place by supplying it with music for "introverted mystics, dreamers and lateral thinkers". Webbed hands may currently be a non-profit label (you can download absolutely every single one of their releases for free), but the McDills still take things seriously: They will only accept demos if they fit the labels "flavour" and if an artist "really wants to be on Webbed Hands".

What's so remarkable about the label, is that even though there is indeed a clear vision behind it, the music defies all categories. Release Number 52, the "Covert Ecology EP 12.93" for example is an electro-acoustic dream-journey full of tiny noises and weird semblances, while Marco Lucchis "I found an - insoluble, indefinite - ear" is a sweet, gentle and almost sentimental one-hour ambient track. But really, we would like to draw your attention to the works of Mark Hamn, a 25-year old Italian who has just made "Prefixes" available. Dark textures and disillusioned melodies haunt the listener's (meaning: your) mind, while screeking and squelching sounds only serve to deepen the feeling of "strangeness" and yet "beauty". It reminds one of the grondbreaking "Apparitions" by Cordell Klier on Ad Noiseam, but with more of an electro-acoustic touch to it. The Avantgarde has never sounded quite so seductive.

Homepage: Webbed Hands
Homepage: Mark Hamn

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