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Capitulating to the Masses

img  Tobias

It's thoroughly possible you have never heard of Jens Gad, despite him being one of the finest and most prolific producers out there at the moment. We already mentioned his Achillea album, which was only just released, but apart from being evolved in a lot of different projects ranging from pop to chill out, his personally most satisfying and artistically most rewarding achievements must have been his contributions to the Enigma-albums by Michael Cretu. A fruitful colaboration for both sides, Cretu and Gad canĀ  be considered the core of the most succesful project of the 90s. The excellent Enigma fansite EnigmaMusic has now conducted an interview which sees the Germany-born Dane criticise the music business for its cynism and unwillingness to open up to something genuinely new. But apart from that, his tone remains outspokenly positive and he has a remarkable explanation for the crisis of "new music": "It might be difficult for certain people to cope with the big variety of music, people might say "aah - there's nothing new anymore like the Stones in their times or the Beatles" - to me it's just capitulation to the masses of new music." He also kept a positive general outlook, citing the internet as a positive influence and offering an entirely new strategy: Keeping away from trendy marketing could assure longer sales. It's good to hear an optimistic voice again - after all, how many people from the business would you know that claim the situation is better "compared to ten years ago"?

Source: EnigmaMusic
Homepage: Jens Gad

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