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CD Feature/ Schubert Classics

img  Tobias

Schubert an unrecognised genius during his lifetime? Possibly. But things could have been far worse: Despite the failure of his symphonies in terms of commerce and critics (and who cares about those, right!), more than a 100 of his songs were actually published while he was still alive, he did enjoy more than just regional fame and he was supported by a wide net of artists and patrons, who enjoyed his company and admired his talent.

The real scandal, if you like, is that 178 years after his early death, his work is still not given the same attention as those of Mozart and Beethoven. And we’re not just talking about the “Ave Maria” or the “Lieder”, a category he has shaped and sculpted like hardly any other composer. As this album impressively proves, his symphonic material and his instrumental pieces had a remarkable directness and a striking quality as well. Maybe what gave him a disadvantage over his famous collegues was a certain disdain of going over the top: In Schubert’s themes, you can always sense his background in singing, with all of them appearing highly hummable, but they remain subtle and tasteful at all times – even the “grand theatre” of Opera couldn’t persuade him to go all pompous, which might explain why all of his big stage works were ignored. But then there’s so much elegance and placidity to be found, so much intricate drama and low-key happiness, it’s sometimes to much to bear.

“Schubert Classics” offers a brilliantly biased view: Conductor Don Johnson leaves no doubt as to what he loves most about the man: The melodies. So the entire orchestra rubs the surface of the score to make them shine and glisten. What would end up being bland with most composers works perfectly here, with pieces finally attaining the splendor they deserve. It’s never too late to discover Schubert.

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