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CD Feature/ Timeless Pulse: "Quintet"

img  Tobias

In the movie “Fight Club”, Edward Norton’s character confesses to the main reason why he enjoys support groups so much: “People really listen to you instead of just waiting for their turn to speak”. That is exactly the way the Timeless Pulse Quintet approaches improvisation.

In the quotes which accompany the artwork of this elegant digipack, all of the musicians involved stress the supremacy of paying close attention to the movement of the group over egoistical powerplay. Percussionist Jennifer Wilsey formulates it in the form of two questions: “Who is sounding? Who is listening?” In the case of this ensemble, everybody is. Very gently, these five pieces flow on a collective rhythm, a soft breath that never ceases and yet doesn’t hyperventilate even in the crescendos. Every soft inflation and deflation of of the accordion’s lungs, every caress of the drums, each carefully uttered syllable and electronic impulse comes with precision, exact articulation and utmost attention: How will it affect the overall picture? How does it relate to what has been played? In which direction will it take the music?

Sometimes, this means that minutes lie between one sounding of the gong and the next, merely awaiting the right moment to make itself heard again. On another occasion, the spooky ghost voices emmanating from David Wessel’s computer disappear as quickly as they arrived, a memorable hush on the canvas. Thomas Buckner, who goes from scats to wordless speech, from cantable melodies to inhuman gurglings, may serve as a prominent identifying focal point. But even his voice, the most immediately recognisable musical instrument, is just a minute cogwheel in this dreamy machinery.

“Timeless Pulse-Quintet” is a labour of love. These musicians are not merely paying lipservice, they truly adhere to their beliefs because they mutually trust and respect each other without thinking twice. Now it’s your turn to listen.

By Tobias Fischer

Homepage: Mutable Music Records

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