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CD Feature/ Radu Malfatti, Ilya Monosov: "Indescrete Silences/Music for Listening"

img  Tobias

I read a bit on the internet about these two artists, Radu Mafatti and Ilya Monosov, and when it came to 'bremsstrahlung recordings 004' the first thing mentioned was: These two CD's come in a metal box!!!
And yes, here I am, saying: Yes, indeed, they do come in a metal box.
But, what's the point??? Does the metal box have anything to do with it's content, two clean metallic CD's, thoughtfully wrapped inside thin plastic coats, equipped with two hard paper cards like those used in offices way back when the computer was still an infant, its layers still wet from insufficient efficiency?

Maybe there is a reason packaging this music, since it is quite extraordinary. Protect it, make sure it isn't hurt or even simply discarded, smashed into oblivion or into a simple dirty trash container. Or, will the metal box deliver a sense of value, shouting out the words: Hey, I'm precious!!! I am one of a kind!
Maybe both statements are true. After listening to these two CD's I surely learned many things: Be patient. Enjoy silence. Relax.
Relax? I don't think so. If you listen to this music, here is one advise which you need to listen to: Just turn on the power of your amplifier, take a sound bath, make sure nothing interferes with your listening experience. Let things happen.
For starters: You insert the CD called 'Selbander' of Radu Malfatti, and…. nothing happens. Remember, amplifier is set to full power and you're just sitting there… sitting there… and nothing…
But then, all of a sudden, there is this powerful sound, crushing you like a tsunami, washing your brain thoroughly clean and, if you wish, tumbling it dry. Man, what a sensation! This sound creeps up inside your spine, flows and rumbles from the very top of your head to your minor toes. DRONES!!!! Yes, indeed.
Well, I checked the office tab card, which came in this famous metal box, and I read: 'Three trombones in 16th intervals.'
Now I do know that Radu Malfatti masters the trombone like few people do, but I bet my bottom dollar that he used a good solid PC as well - or was it a laptop? - to achieve these ultimate sounds.
And then, when the last sounds of silence faded away, I got to the second CD from the metal box. Before I slid it into the CD drive I - yes, I did - looked at the office tab card. It reads: ':a computer, a trumpet, a nice day, a bad day, and several other days in the year of 2002 contributed to the construction of this work.'
Composed and recorded by Ilya Monosov, another pioneer of experimental music, it is divided into three pieces, called Structure #1, 2 and 3. That much for Construction.
And these pieces connect to those of Radu in a perfect way. Ilya drives the element of silence to an even higher and more aggressive degree, burning your eardrums with the loudest silence I have ever listened to, almost torturing your expectation with cruel patience. I was almost in shock when sound popped up like a slap in the face. Sound, I didn't have the time and sense to sort out, something electronic, yes, or maybe some kind of sound generated by blowing air through a ridiculously contorted brass tube. I don't know and, honestly, I don't care. It was so short and sudden that it's volume multiplied and left a deep and distinctive mark on my senses. And this went on and on, leaving me to expect the next 'hit' of sound when it wouldn't materialize, while it struck in full force when the silence has finally lulled me into a state of quiet resting.
Anyway, just as the last sounds of silence faded away and I was still sitting there, expecting something new, the sudden blast of a honking truck outside on the road of my humble residence catapulted me abruptly back into reality.
And at that very moment I finally got the message of the metal box: It preserves silence and sound at the same time, casing those so very precious commodities in a perfectly symbolic way. Since silence sharpens the ability to listen, it surely is as valuable as sound.
Well, folks, if you think you have heard it all, there is always something new and really amazing out there. That's why I like experimental music, and that's why it enriches the experiences of those who dare to listen.
This is a fine, felicitous example, and I can only encourage everyone to get this fantastic, secretive, yet powerful release.

By Fred Wheeler

Homepage: Bremsstrahlung Recordings
Homepage: Radu Malfatti at EFI
Homepage: Ilya Monosov at Myspace

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