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CD Feature/ Nine Inch Nails: "Year Zero"

img  Tobias

Yes, Trent Reznor again and this time his return for once does not come as a surprise or with the usual feelings of relief. As a fan, the albums up until “With teeth” were not just wonderworks of electronica, but signs of life from a man who exorcised his demos in public and offered his work as a chance to go through this together. If the more recent output and his live performances are anything to go by, Reznor has left the endless hallways and winding corridors of “The Fragile” or the fantasmagorically coloured insanity of “The Downward Spiral” behind. And yet, don’t expect the suffering to be over.

Yes, Trent again and it turned out to be the CD we’ve been waiting for so long. It’s pretty good new stuff, but, as usual, definitely recognizable as Halo-productions. The voice is clearer than ever and the perfectly realised and instantly recognisable composition of Electronics and ‘Old School’ band-oriented elements goes right through your veins and you can’t help but enjoy the music. Compared to “The Downward Spiral”, “Year Zero” is following the tracks which the former started, but never really followed up on. The track ‘My Violent Heart’ is an excellent song that even might be comparable to ‘Closer’ in its subtleness - which is plainly spoken a nearly unreachable goal, but he got close enough here. “Subtle” is definitely an important word in this context, as floating synthesizier pads and chiming melodies melt with whispered vocals and shimmering guitar lines on “The Good Soldier” and even an industrial slow-burner like “Me I’m Not” lives as much from its subcutaneous tension as from the actual release of power. And then again, even “My Violent Heart” explodes in the chorus and you can already see all hell breaks loose in concert halls all around the world as this piece will form one of highlights of the ongoing Nine Inch Nails tour.

And who thought, well after “Fragile” and “With Teeth”, what news can come out of him and also thought these two records a small disappointment, regarding Trent’s way of music…now you have excellent new ideas mixed with years of experience, and it’s worth buying in any case and there’s nothing more to say but… ENJOY

By Giovanna Letizia & Tobias Fischer

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