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CD Feature/ Lutnahimat: "Kleine Mietzekatze"

img  Tobias

We've had a steady influx of fascinating 3'' CDs over the last couple of weeks and this one fits the ranks nicely in that it is both brilliantly packaged and musically extraordinary. Even though the first part of that statement is not exactly a surprise with a label which is soon to be featured in one of Germany's leading design magazines and which has established an immediately recognisable style, which unlike many of its competitors not only tingles the senses but pleases the intellect as well with a perfect match between form and content. It's for a good reason, too: Kleine Mietzekatze“ certainly deserved some special attention.

Who hides behind the Lutnahimat moniker exactly I don't know and as the apurtenant webpage, which offers scant information, as well as the four-line piece of paper wrapped around this orange disc coming in a sealed plastic bag, which needs to be torn open in order to be played, seem to suggest, that's the way it is supposed to be as well. The mystery surrounding the release is certainly not alleviated by the sounds, as this single piece, consisting of a thirteen minute long everchanging loop seriously disturbs and drugs the mind. A deep drone grumbles in the subterrenean spectrum, a sharp analog pad alternates between two notes in intermittant intervals, a skewed and downwardly bound tinkling mobile repeats itself incessantly, a vocal sample in radio quality blabbers monosylabically in the back and some metallic rotation noises, as if from a rusty windmill on an almost windless day in the Mojave desert are the sole ingredients of the composition, but their constant development towards an unstoppable slowdown, decay, standstill and eventual death drives the machinery of „Kleine Mietzekatze“ like Ghostrider's harley from hell. Each repetition of the cycle is different, each brings forth new sensations. At the end, they have either managed to penetrate your brain (causing you to remember this trip for quite some time) or your finger (which hurriedly fumbles for the repeat button).

An intense track, which feeds less from the brilliance of its source material as from the utter courage and nerves to rely on these few tracks and nothing else in realising something quite unexpected and addictive. It certainly once again goes to show that terms like „good“ or „bad“ have no place in an art which steps outside of all categories. And even though this work eventually does end, this series of 3''s by the UK-based entr'acte label is meant to go on – for more extraordinary packaging- and listening pleasure.

By Tobias Fischer

Homepage: Lutnahimat
Homepage: Entr'acte Recordings

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