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Box Office Report

img  Tobias

A virtual world might have a lot of disadvantages, but it surely has one major advantage: You don't need to carry all those boxes when moving!

Mouvement Nouveau has now moved in two ways: First of all, we're heading for a new server, which will allow you to surf our site a lot faster than previously and which should prevent some of the short drop-outs we've experienced in the past. And secondly, our office is now situated in a new part of the City. Much closer to Central Station and the City, this has many advantages - if you're passing by Münster, be sure to call us and feel free to visit us for a cup of tea. Here's where you need to go:

Tobias Fischer
Mouvement Nouveau
Sauerländer Weg 3
48145 Münster
Tel: 0179 9476779

It goes without saying, that all correspondence should be directed to this address as well.

We're looking forward to your letters and promo-CDs! Our physical location might have changed, but we're still here to make the world of Classical and Experimental Music exciting again.

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