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Interview with Tidy Kid

img  Tobias Fischer

Hi, how are you and where are you?
I'm very well thank you, I'm currently in my apartment eating my morning muesli and writing emails and listening to music.

What is your earliest musical memory?
I remember reaching up for my dad's guitar around three years old, dropping it on the floor and crying my eyes out. In the meantime, I have taught a bit, and enjoyed three years at the local Conservatorium of Music studying audio technology and classical guitar
Since the last few years I've been listening to more and more music, and keep finding new favourites. Old favourites are Tortoise, Aphex, Bjork, Wilco and Michael Jackson.

You are working as a recording engineer, do you draw ideas from your day-time-job?
I draw arguments with my day job as an engineer, which I express in song.

What do those arguments look like?

As a record producer, you find you're always cleaning up people's characteristics, the sounds they create naturally are usually to real for them, so they want disguise those parts. It's a relief to make music without having to cover up some very real moments, a good combination of fake and real helps to generate a larger variety of sensations. Mistakes rock, you know that old school of thought, yippy !! I'm always puzzled that people are not willing to put more of themselves, the true them, onto tape.
When you said "look like", if i had to visualise it: At the moment it looks like me jumping for joy as the client falls over and hits a cymbal in a clumsy way, as a rabbit dressed in a loop station body suit walks in and starts looping the lovely happening. My argument would be embracing that realisation and mixing that sound with the desired normal song sounds the client has envisioned. Client jamming with his own accidental happening. Easy trick for creating a successful catchy track.

If you would have to decide for either one: Do you see yourself more as a musician or a sound-artist?
In the past it would have been a musician, but I'm more heading towards the sound-artist side of things these days. I do enjoy musicianship incredibly, and that's usually where my ideas start. Those parts can vanish once the piece starts to appear. It becomes something else.

You released a series of six E.P.s on different Netlabels. Each of them has had a unique process in composition or the generation of sound. What were your considerations in the beginning, and what made you so serious in following your original idea?
I followed my original idea per E.P. because I respect the formalisation of technique, to better understand what happened and why it happened when looking back at the process. It's really all about observation and being in the process. Final result and where it finishes its little story is less of a concern at the moment.

You are using an old analog tape-machine for recording samples, isn't that kind of recording a very time-consuming, creativity-restraining process, doesn't it make you go mad?
Oh I'm just trying something different really, I don't mind it taking longer via the tape medium. It's just another process of listening and picking the parts that your attracted too. Not that much more time consuming, because once you find the sound your after, there is not much process there after, unlike clean digital samples.

So is it important to you to have a distinct, recognisable sound?

For the Tidy Kid, it is important to have his own sound. Tidy Kid is a concept project, that was created to digest unknown methods of technique, in the music making medium. Tidy Kid has grown into its own identity, through these projects. The identity is now sitting there, waiting for the next stage of artist evolution. It's young curious view on life helps to establish that feeling of something new, something different, something unique to explore. A life has created another life.

In your small online-diary you pointed out, that at times, you are visualizing your music for yourself. Do you think it reflects in your music somehow?

For me it does, for others I'm not sure, people who are close to me can see how the sound resembles my own human everyday characteristics and views. I tend to write more somber songs with somber lyrics, and then try and push them out of that rut before I hit bounce to CD. I'd like to let the songs sit in their desired spaces, without that final push to make them more accessible. There will always be more accessible songs popping out from time to time again, and those are naturally simple and poppy, which means I validate their embrace of the simple. Something I'm yet to fully allow myself to let be. Letting a song sit in its desired pocket of perception instead of any late judgements altering its ending recorded state.

After having released your first vinyl single, what are your plans for the future?
I'm currently in prep stage for my full-length album. I've got a pretty set way of how I will put down ideas, but i have no idea at the moment what those ideas are. I'll leave that up to the moment. What I have figured out are motivational characteristics, certain principles I want to keep in check with, and also the documentation elements, which will provide the pieces with reference points for visual artists, who I hope to entice film clips with. The film clips will be part of the live set and will only be featured during the tours at first. Later, much later, I'll release them all somehow, perhaps.
I'd like to shop the Album around once it is finished, rather then self release it. I'm also not releasing with net labels anymore for Tidy Kid, he's a bit over that, and I imagine he'll want to keep net labels and their pro's for his other alter ego projects. Yes Tidy Kid has split personalities. I on the other hand am completely fine, very healthy and I like to exercise.

Will you keep up your project condition rules that said next album?
It will sound very contrasted but naturally still identifiable as the Tidy sound. Each track will have a different thing going for it. Different gear on each track, and different processes to create the final outcome. Each piece will be documented in the release booklet. I don't think the visual attributes will start to appear until I start laying down the first concept.
I will however master the whole album as an album, with moments of continuation between tracks, other times, a set 10 second gap.

By Clemens Wegener

Tidy Kid Discography:

People Sit In Cars - (Tidy Kid Music 2006)
My Frozen Flower Pot - (Umor Rex 2007)
Performance Fragments - (Acroplane 2008)
One Week With My Casio - (Cassette Release: Froggi Records / 2008 Test Tube)
Performance Fragments - (Tidy Kid Music 2009)
Toxic Feelings - (Umor Rex 2010)
Feeling Toxic - (Gozombie Records 2010)

Tidy Kid

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