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Spotlight: Home Normal

img  Tobias Fischer

With a label night at Cafe Oto on the 21st of March and a freshly curated 5CD compilation, Tokyo- and London-based Home Normal will celebrate five years of doing things differently. Sidestepping conventional genre borders, the imprint has featured breathtakingly beautiful drones alongside radical sound art, juxtaposed deep ambient with surgically precise electro-acoustics and sought for the common ground between epic soundscapes and fragile miniatures. Clearly, just as much as Ian Hawgood has regarded the artists on his roster as a family, the catalogue mirrors the full spectrum of his sibling's individual tastes, preferences and approaches, all complementing and contrasting each other at the same time. In this spotlight, we take a look at the artists and releases from five years of Home Normal, including conversations with Ian himself, the Ithaca Trio and Stefano Guzzetti. And for anyone interested in background information, there's also a recent label profile and an article on the growing power of the underground, which prominently features Home Normal.

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