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Yore: Label Profile

img  Tobias

About the original House- and Techno-sound
There's a pure magic within its simplicity. A massive portion of soulfulness. A musical approach using limited gear and production possibilities within a low budget environment, yet creating the most emotional, rough and powerful house music that I know to date. The political and spiritual approach of the early house music era stands out as well (we’re all equal in this house – you may be black, you may be white, you may be Jew  - it doesn’t matter in our house? ..”House is a Feeling” etc. etc)

Feeling dissatisfied with the direction of contemporary dance-productions for the first time
This was probably when the Neo-Minimal movement went way over its climax and became all empty-headed and silly. Basically four years ago probably already. The new Minimal had nothing to do with the Minimal I always had in mind when still running background records… I was coming more from a “Minimal Nation”, “Saekho”,  DBX, Mille Plateaux, Thomas Brinkmann and last but not least early Chicago House sort of mindset.

About founding the label
I wouldn’t say there were no other labels releasing this kind of music. But for me, it was time to focus on what I felt about so strongly, which was deep soulful house, with an old-school approach. For me there is no other reason to run a label than plain love. So I basically followed my heart. Releasing the first 12inch was nothing special though. With 12 years of experience as a record label owner, that’s no big thing for me really. Been there, done that.

About the response from DJs
It's been good. However, most yore releases are more collectors items – music for the heads – rather than prime time dj tools. However, a lot of dj’s tend to collect the releases as well. Whether or not they actually play them, is  another thing…

About the way Yore has developed
It's gone better than I ever expected. The label has gained a lot of positive feedback from the right corners and has successfully spread the word about its existence to the world. I am happy to have found a wide selection of new artists and newcomers (such as Japanese “Kez YM” or Dutch Duo “Morning Factory”) and that we are strong enough to feel very confident that we can continue to spread our vision of house music and share it with likeminded souls. That’s why we also just recently launched our own webshop: Now, we're able to have everything available for people out there, on vinyl and digitally, from old to new and the exclusive forthcoming – full control! Yeah.

About the vision of the label

I am not a part of the musical process at all. But last but not least I decide what will be released. If I don’t feel it, or don’t feel its strong enough about it, it will not get pressed. I am very involved in the mastering process though and of course everything that comes after and during the production of a record.

About the importance of colourcoded artwork and releasing on Vinyl

Yes, well Yore shares the old school approach of the music, I’d dare to believe and it makes things way easier on the graphical side of things. I like to move fast and to be very flexible. If I unexpectedly get something into my hands that moves me, I want to act fast and get it out to the people. So it sort of helps to have an easy concept sometimes….
Same with Vinyl, I am old school all the way. A real Vinyl Purist! To me, Vinyl almost works like a Fetish. I love Vinyl. It’s the only medium on which I personally and on a private scale consume music. Fullstop! To me there is no other option. And I know a lot of our followers feel that way too. Some may look at us like being Dinosaurs, but unlike the Dinosaurs, the Vinyl Dinosaurs will survive!!!

About the simultaneous growth and loss of respect for the originators of Techno and House
The return of respect is a good development. Nowadays you have so many kids walking around that have no sense of history. Kids that illegally download music from the internet for free and don’t even know where it comes from and what it means. That’s a shame really. The new young Indie generation wouldn’t go to a band concert not knowing who the band is and what they sound like. But within electronic music a lot of times I tend to think people treat it like it has no culture, no meaning, no value. Ain’t that sad, almost disrespectful?

Homepage: Yore Records

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