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Victoria Borisova-Ollas: 'Kingdom of Silence' wins Rosenberg Prize

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“The title is a free interpretation of one of the psalms from a psalm book”, Victoria Borisova-Ollas shortly explained the background to “Kingdom of Silence”, “The words describe, in a very poetic way, the world to which all of us must go after we die. It is dedicated to Nikolai Korndorf, a fantastic Russian composer. He happened to be my teacher in instrumentaion at the Moscow conservatory. I guess it’s a kind of a Requiem in a very small format. The piece is dedicated to his memory.” Opening with a quiet, otherwordly Glockenspiel motiv gently pinned to a pulsating cloud of string palpatations, the music indeed veers between the spiritual and the tangible, developing slowly but with plaintive force.

For anyone interested in checking out this delicate work in more detail, Universal Edition, the publishing house of Victoria Borisova-Ollas, have made the score available as a comfortable digital reader. You can browse the notes and simultaneously listen to the composer introduce the piece while listening to the orchestra perform a short section of the material.

Victoria Borisova-Ollas follows in the footsteps of Marie Samuelsson, who won the Rosenberg Prize in 2008.

Picture by Martina Holmberg

Homepage: Victoria Borisova-Ollas
Homepage: Universal Edition
Homepage: “The Kingdom of Silence” by Victoria Borisova-Ollas at Universal Edition

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