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Veljkovic kicks off Mozart Celebrations

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2006 will be the year the world celebrates the birthday of Mozart. Now one of the finest contemporary artists to keep his legacy alive will re-release one of the most celebrated renditions of his piano music of the last few years. Back in 1985, Natasa Veljkovic won the famous Clara Haskil-competition at the tender age of 17 and is considered by many as one of the most important Mozart-perfomers around. The C-major Sonata, which she recorded for Austrian-based lanel Zulus Records, received praising reviews and was an insider-success. Right on time, she now prepares to launch the album again on a wider scale, working together with Italian label Real Sound. After the recent high-profile exposure of this outfit with projects for, among others, the Deutsche Grammophon, this should ensure the disc receives even more attention this time around. Apart from that, we hope to be able to bring you tour news on her very soon.

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