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V.A.: "Fabriclive 50; D-Bridge & Instra:mental Present Autonomic"

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Although seminal London dance-club Fabric professes to specialize in several electronic genres it overwhelmingly belongs to the DnB/breakbeat community. The seemingly endless Fabriclive compilation series has highlighted the work of their preferred DJs over the years, its 50th set here mixed by D-Bridge and Instra:mental, collectively known as Autonomic.

Get all that? Assuming you don’t known squat about all this stuff, suffice to say that there are rebels within the DnB rebel alliance, DJs who believe there’s another side to music outside the jackhammer glitch-frenzy native to the genre. This stuff is chill-glitch comparable to what you might hear from the High Contrast label (or Hive Records, actually, during the parts that are free of robotic DnB-generic buzzings and such). Mostly new jack elevator music, then, put it that way, mixing chippy, mercurial breakbeats with acid house elements, soul, whatever’s handy, much of it sans vocals.

The triumph, as has been duly noted by folks in the DnB community, is the continuity and logical flow of the tunes; it’s more a math puzzle than a collection of random, disconnected current faves of the participants.

By Eric Saeger

Homepage: Instra:mental
Homepage: D-Bridge
Homepage: Fabric London

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