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Trigger 10d: Trigger 10d

img  Tobias Fischer

Suffice to say Illinois quintet Trigger 10d are like a cyberworked female Danzig. Decking out oldschool razorblade-chick punk in edgy samplage is a trick you'd think would be old hat by now, but not a lot of it winds up on this desk, at least not of this caliber.

Sure, the too-loudly-mixed guitar bleeds all over the place, but overall it's decent-enough tuneage comparable at times to Oakenfold's "Faster Pussycat" ("Misplaced") but mostly to latter-day Curve. Singer Alicia Sotelo's Motels-like soprano is lower than Toni Halliday's, but that's a good thing, being that the sound's high-end is well-populated with synth debris whooshing and clanging together, which points again to Curve. These guys are firmly grounded in industrial, though, and the whooshing and clanging goes through an Einstürzende Neubauten filter before it gets anywhere near the songs, so writing them off as mere clones is a disservice all around.

Mind, all of this noise and rock fury departs from their earlier work, which was trip-hop; another kudo in their favor, then, is that they've gone in a far more aggressive direction than one would ever expect.

By Eric Saeger

Homepage: Trigger 10d
Homepage: Wtii Records

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