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Tokafi: Welcome to the new site!

img  Tobias

The tokafi team would like to welcome you to the new, redesigned site. It is the result of requests for a more intuitive navigation on the one hand and of our ambition to present artists and labels in an even more professional and visually attractive way on the other. Together with this updated look, we're also introducing the concept of regular „specials“, which will deal with a wide array of topics in depth and from various angles. They will be based around artists, musical themes (such as an overview of a particular genre or trend), genres and countries (expect a country special on China soon, for example). What we're aiming for is the „best of both worlds“: Making use of the all but unlimited space of the Internet and the journalistic power of Print – and to allow you to immerse yourself completely in a particular topic.

A couple of points regarding other new features of the new site:

  • There is a feedback form at the top left-hand side of the page. If there is anything you would like us to change, add, correct or suggest, just click on „feedback“ and let us know! This also includes ideas for improving the site in general or what you would like to read about.
  • By choosing „Countries“ from the „Features“-section of the top navigation, you will access a page presenting you with an overview of which countries our articles, interviews, reviews and concert features have dealt with up until now. By clicking on a country link, you will be shown all items tagged with that particular nation.
  • Next to the regular search function, we have included a new way of sorting items to end up with a selection suited to your interests. Here's how it works: Choose „CD, Vinyl, MP3“ from the „Reviews“-section of the top navigation (just as an example, it works the same with interviews and concert reviews). This will give you all album reviews, sorted by date. Now choose „Classical“ from the „Genre“-tab and you will be shown all Classical album reviews. Choose „Piano“ from the „Instrument“-tab to display all articles dealing with the Piano as the main instrument. By making selections from the „country“ or „Label“ tabs, you can narrow down the search even more.

We are also switching to a new, customised newsletter very soon, which will allow you to specify what you want to receive from us (if, for example, you are only interested in „Ambient“ or „Sound Art“ features, you can set your preferences accordingly) and how often you want to receive it.

Overall, the process of realising this new concept has taken almost a year to cpmplete and we would like to thank everyone who has helped and assisted us for their input and hard work. We hope you enjoy the new site and we look forward to interacting with you even more in the future.

All the best,

Dirk, Michael & Tobias

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