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Tokafi: Change of Address

img  Tobias

For the past three years, we've enjoyed working with you from our headquarters at the Sauerländer Weg, close to Münster's Central Station. We're now even happier to be able to move into a new location, barely 15 minutes off the old one and even closer to the city centre. Starting March 1st, all promotional material should be sent to:

Tobias Fischer
Engelstrasse 66
48143 Münster

If you've already mailed something to the old address, don't worry – we have arranged for everything to be picked up and forwarded to the new one. We will also  pick up pace in terms of reviews and articles again after the move and start confirming entry of your material.

This is also a good time to thank you for continuing to curate and create great music. Some changes for the site are on the way, which should help to bring your music to even more readers.

All the best from the entire team!


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