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Spectacular Spectrum

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It's been 15 exciting years for Frank Dodge and his audience. The American Cellist moved to Berlin in the late 1980s and started organising concerts in an entirely new fashion - for good old Europe that is. Because the only thing Dodge basically did was introduce the mechanisms of the market to the Classical scene - his "Spectrum Concerts" were financed by a group of changing investors interested in making a contribution to culture and in strenthening their own name by doing so. Looking back, the idea was born out of sheer necessity - initial requests for government funding were refused - but quickly turned out to be a true benefit. Out of the same necessity grew the focus on smaller ensembles, which quickly put the focus on Chamber Music, possibly the most modern form of presentation. Berlin and her media have been good to the concert series and audiences quickly fell in love with the young artists featured - fans include former German president Richard von Weiz├Ącker. It also helped that Frank Dodge had an excellent feeling for who could make it - he was on of the first to discover the talents of Janine Jansen and Julian Rachlin - both have stayed loyal to him after their breakthrough and can still be heard in the current season. "Spectrum Concerts" has also been helpful in organising tours for students and musicians from abroad. The organisation has been steadily growing and even taken tentative steps into the recording business - the 2003/2004 season saw them release some of their evenings through Naxos to critical aclaim.

The next concert will take place Thursday, June 9th with music by Schulthoff, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Tchaikovsky played by Janine Jansen, Julia-Maria Kretz, Joel Waterman, Hartmut Rohde, Christian Poltera - and Frank Dodge himself.

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