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Sowing the Seeds

img  Tobias

"Trummerflora" is a German term used to describe the growth of an ecosystem in a wasteland full of debris (rubble plants and trees). It's a brilliantly appropriate name for a group of artists that has shaken up the American cultural underground and continues to do so either as a collective or by the actions of its individual members.

One of the places to meet and exchange thoughts on stage are the regular "Other ideas"-evenings at the Alta Voz in Downton San Diego. Here, Jazz and Rock, Experimental Sound Scapes and Songs, Electronics and Acoustic Instruments go on an exciting journey each time around. Things won't be any different for the next two concerts.
First off, there's the Curtis Glatter / Nathan Hubbard Duo. Both composers and percussionists, their collaboration aims to use electronically edited drum sounds to build aural land scapes. Having said this, maybe the word "aural" is already misguiding, as they put special emphasis on the fact that their work is inspired by film makers such as Cocteau and Dreyer. Which is not to say that this another of those "sound track for the mind"-projects. Rather, some of the duos' favourite movies serve as an aesthetic inspiration, guiding the compositional process and injecting it with freshness and momentum.
Then, keep your eyes and ears open for Brain Killer, a trio that will add Mark Dresser to its ranks for a night of wild improvisation. Take the stylistic ingredients we mentioned from the outset, add to that classical music and ethnic elements and you still only have a faint clue as to what might happen.

Glatter and Hubbard are to perform on September 29th and Brain Killer are to be appear on October 9th. Which gives you plenty of time to make room in your agenda.

Homepage: Trummerflora
Homepage: Curtis Glatter / Nathan Hubbard Duo

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