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Soren Moller: Christian X Variations

img  Tobias Fischer

Pegged for convenience’s sake as a jazz artist, this Danish piano guy often sounds more New York than anything you’ve ever heard, as evidenced on the post-bop burnfest “Kvartet II,” which gets some pretty whizzer beatnik drums from the concrete-solid Henry Cole and as well from sax-player Dick Oatts.

The good part: Moller’s so into classical that it’s hard to tell where the deep-think ends and the improv begins. The not-so-good part: a too-prominent wood section tasked with some heavy-ass moves that aren’t accomplished completely without a hitch – either that or it’s the dissonant modalities Moller enjoys screwing around with, but either way there’s the stench of a high-school gym, that oldschool semi-big-band thing that makes you think of harried high school music teachers.

But whatever, in straight-ahead mode, though, this guy has to be damn near unbeatable.

By Eric Saeger

Homepage: Soren Moller
Homepage: Audial Records

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