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Sister: Hated

img  Tobias Fischer

Sweden isn’t particularly famous for glam rock, not that those weird little frozen micro-countries in Europe won’t try anything for a laugh. So we have the band Sister, which I’m sure will never eventually run into any trademark name litigation ever, and they bill themselves as glammy sleaze-rock.

Such it is, if you consider Skid Row the epitome of the genre as opposed to Motley Cure and such – this is more rooted in rebellion, less in porn chicks, more in speed metal, less in stripper-pole Flying V chug-chug. The singer’s rustbucket growl mostly evokes the dude from Savatage, which isn’t totally awful as a little raw-edge never hurt anybody; the riffing is standard but ear-catching, influenced quite a bit by Judas Priest, this all further evidenced in the brightly pinched blues-melodic guitar solos, and in fact the title track’s guitar solo sounds like editing-room-floor stuff from Priest’s “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll.”

Most of the tunes involve fast grind from LA in the 80s, such as when “Too Bad for You” recalls Motley Crue’s “Red Hot.”

By Eric Saeger

Homepage: Sister
Homepage: Metal Blade Records

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