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Save Georgian Music

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Antschis Chati is the name of a church. It is also the name of an ensemble, founded in 1989, that aims both at reviving the ancient and extraordinary tradition of Georgian music while at the same time developing a sound distinctly their own.

Georgian Vocal music developed at an extremely early time amidst a plethora of unisonous cultures. Polyphone singing in the region can be traced back to as early as the 10th Century, giving it a clear headstart compared to Western Europe. The sheer variety of styles is overwhelming: While Eastern Georgia displays a closeness to Oriental melodies, the songs of the northern mountains are mostly homophone with slow tempo increases. Krimantschuli, finally, is said to be the pinnacle of the tradition, with a remarkably high-pitched male voice acompanying the choir in a yodeling fashion. Generally speaking, the most striking feature of the music is said to be the modal and polyphone singing in three voices.

Some of the information gathered is actually guess-work, as most of it was passed on to later generations orally and quite a lot of what has been written down still awaits decipherment. Antschis Chati has taken first steps to go back to the very roots of the music by collecting these old handwritings, trying to make sense out of them and integrating what they learned into their performances. It's a strenous path this quartet has chosen but it has led to amazing results and relative fame - even if you'll be hard-pressed to find a homepage or more than just a little bio on them.

Which is why you should make it to Schloss Gosseck (a German castle) on May, 24th for an evening of Antschis Chati. After the concert, you'll be able to buy their double-CD "Georgische Reise" (Georgian Journey), which will be released on Raumklang.

Homepage: Schloss Gosseck
Source: Artikuss

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