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Repeat that, please

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Sure, you could decide to enjoy the good things in life only on special occasions. But why have an ice-cream only once a summer, if you can have it any fine day you like? And why have a great festival only once or twice a year when you could enjoy it every season's change?

Right. That's why Laura and Mark of mem1 have now made the ctrl+alt+repeat a quarterly night of experimental music. This can only be good news, as the organisors have made it their goal to bring together what are easily assumed to be enemies: New Acoustic Music and Electronics, "serious" arts and entertainment. The program for Fall 2005 is another proof that this formula is both easy and exciting enough to last a long time. So who's performing?

First up, there's Frances-Marie Uitti, a composer who has received raving reviews from all corners of the musical world: The New York Times marvels at the "haunting beauty" of her pieces, the Opera News call her "stunning" and jazzthetique can hardly contain their admiration of Uitti's Cello-mastery. You've never heard of her? Don't worry, you're not alone, even though her recent ECM-release should quickly lift her out of obscurity.

After delivering her own composition "Night Lies" for cello and 2 bows, she will be joined on stage by David Wessel on electronics. This should make for a great paring, as Wessel (who is a Mathematician and principal of the CNMAT music research, teaching, recording and performance facility at Berkeley) is especially interested in the border zone where Computer algorithms and improvisation meet.

Then there's Jen Boyd, a composer hailing from Los Angeles. We can tell she must be good simply by referring to the fact that she is one of the artists of brilliant j frede's current recordings, a label that has also brought us the superb Kadet Kuhne and magnificent David Brady. Boyd's interest goes out to real-time processing of natural sounds and her performance at the festival will concentrate on the use of field recordings and a short wave radio.

Closing the proceedings are mem1 themselves, with a concert based around "Cello and Signal Processing". If you still need an introduction to their work, visit their site immediately for instant gratification.

All of this is right ahead, so make time on October 18th at 8.30 pm - and please don't start telling yourself that you've had enough good music for this fall!

Homepage: ctrl+alt+repeat
Homepage: Frances-Marie Uitti
Homepage: David Wessel
Homepage: Jen Boyd
Homepage: meml

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